Part Ways Peacefully After Your Divorce

Divide your assets with help from an attorney in Greenbelt, MD

Going through a divorce is never easy, and having children involved can make it even more challenging. J. Anukem & Associates LLC provides legal counsel for residents of Greenbelt, Maryland who are going through a divorce.

There are two types of divorce: contested and uncontested. Contested divorce is when there's a dispute about the terms of the separation, such as child custody or child support. An uncontested divorce is when both partners have come to an agreement about these terms. No matter which type you're filing for, we'll help you make wise decisions.

Why should you hire a divorce attorney?

Why should you hire a divorce attorney?

If you're going through the divorce process, it's important to hire an attorney to assist you with the legal side. A divorce attorney at J. Anukem & Associates will provide you with:

  • Professional experience. A divorce attorney has the proper experience to help you work toward achieving the best possible results.
  • Background knowledge. After years of training, your attorney can assist with your separation by drawing on their in-depth knowledge of family law.
  • Unbiased opinions. Working with a divorce attorney will provide you with an objective perspective as you and your partner create the terms of your separation.

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