We'll Help You Fight for Custody of Your Children

Work with a child custody attorney in Greenbelt, MD

When two parents decide to part ways, child custody becomes a primary concern. J. Anukem & Associates LLC can provide you with a child custody attorney in the Greenbelt, Maryland area. By working with a custody attorney, you'll have a trusted legal advocate with you every step of the way to help you create the best possible arrangement for your child.

Child custody issues don't necessarily end when a child turns 18. In fact, with the help of a custody attorney, you can modify your child custody agreements to extend beyond your child's 18th birthday.

Find out more information by speaking to a child custody attorney at J. Anukem & Associates today.

Trust us with all your child support-related concerns

Trust us with all your child support-related concerns

The team at J. Anukem & Associates can assist you with more than just filing for financial support. Once you've established child support, a attorney can also modify or enforce the agreements. There are a few common instances when you may want to adjust your child support arrangements, including:

  • New marriages
  • Relocations
  • Job changes

Do you need to make changes to your agreement? Speak to a child support attorney in Greenbelt, Maryland by calling 301-500-0462 now.